Hi, I’m Ana

I'm all about beaches, big rocks, dirty dogs, Starbucks, road trips, and good laughs

I draw my inspiration & creativity from 60s-90s films and music.

I'm an introverted extravert, fuelled by 90s mafia movies with Robert De Niro, thrillers based on real stories, 60s suspense by Hitchcock, Harry Potter movies, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Muse, Renaissance and Gothic architecture, Romanticism, Neo- and Classicism visual arts, salty ocean air, sandy beaches, big ol' rocks, mountains, paddle boarding, free diving, spontaneous adventures, road trips, dogs, and horses. I love fashion and follow the latest trends (I believe I dress my ass pretty stylish).

Fun fact: I lived and worked in Chile as an ESL teacher for a while and backpacked around South America.

My friends would say I swear a lot, get shit done, always have their back, and down for any crazy adventure.

I strongly dedicate myself to my work by loving what I do. As well as to my passions. That's why I'll be your best photographer buddy no matter if you want to take some casual photos downtown or climb a mountain for an intimate wedding. I'll be as excited and happy doing a fashion shoot in town as camping to catch perfect sunset or sunrise for your love-story session.

Like with anything I do, I’ve put much heart, work, and energy into photography. The most rewarding part are the emotions, and happy messages I get from my clients. Nothing charges and empowers me more.

I’m the happiest and my best self when I’m behind the camera and my smile never leaves my face.

My Approach

I truly care about you and your experience. I am passionate about making you feel welcomed before you ever step in front of my camera.

I focus on capturing emotions, feelings, and memories over stiff poses in complete silence. One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is if I help with posing. The answer is YES! I won’t be a cricket behind the camera, but at the same time I won't over direct you with posing. I keep up with conversation and guide you to ensure you’re not feeling awkward, we keep it natural. Instead of worrying about how you’ll look in photos, you’ll be laughing, dancing, and kissing. The windswept hair in your face and the crinkles in your nose from laughing show the REAL moments. Interlocked fingers, tears, quiet moments, and kissing like no one is watching. Those create the magic. You want to hike in the mountains to get to your favorite spot? How about having a rock climbing session, and then go for a swim in a crystal clear lake? Those are the things we are going to do during our session! Wherever your adventure takes you, I'm happy to join.

Kind Words

Ana allowed us to be quirky and captured our dynamics and her adventurous spirit encouraged us to make stunning memories

We felt so spoiled to have Ana as our photographer! She was the ultimate hype woman and captured jaw dropping photos of us at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Cleveland Dam and on top of Grouse Mountain.

Ana allowed us to be quirky and captured our dynamics and her adventurous spirit encouraged us to make stunning memories. She was very coordinated and helpful on our hectic wedding day. She was great with directions and doing what needed to be done for us to be stress free! Everyone we who have spoken to and shown our photos to has been blown away by our photos. They really are flawless.

We couldn’t have been happier with Ana. She goes the extra mile and it shows in all of her work.

- Chelsey & Ben