Hi, I’m Ana

a professional photographer and lifestyle enthusiast based in Vancouver, BC

About me

I specialize in landscape and adventure photography, with a particular focus on capturing the raw and unique beauty of all types of destinations. My portfolio reflects my ability to convey the essence of a location through evocative imagery.

Instagram Statistics


17% USA Audience

22% Canadian Audience

45% of 25-34 Age Range

23% of 35-44 Age Range

60% of Female followers

Previous Collaborations

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H&MToyotaFour Seasons Maui, Fairmont Maui, Hyatt Oahu, Marriott NY, Marriott Oahu, Marriott Chicago, Pacific Sands Tofino (BC), Brasada RanchFairmont Victoria (BC), Paradise HelicoptersAlaska HelicoptersMalcolm Hotel Canmore (AB), Darling Hotel, and local Canadian brands such as Toboggan and others.

Meet Ram

My adventure buddy

Previous Collaborations

Ram is a Bernese Mountain Dog. I take him with me to the most of my travels and adventures. He brings a lot of joy to all people who meet him. He's very well-behaved, friendly and poses even better than me!